Desktop App: BC Wildfires Map


Global News

A desktop app which displays up-to-date wildfire data from the BC government in Canada. The intention is to use it on a touchscreen TV for in-studio live hits for Global News BC. This project is actively being developed.

For the best experience, press F11 or Fn + F11 on Windows, or Cmd + Ctrl + F on a Mac device to view the interactive in full screen.

The project embedded on this page is a prototype with the backend removed. It is not optimized, so dragging or zooming-in may not perform smoothly.

The backend was built using the Rust-based Tauri framework, and uses Rust to grab data from BC’s open data portal.

The data is then compressed via an embedded Mapshaper application and visualised on the frontend using SvelteKit (TypeScript) and Leaflet.

My role
  • Developer
  • Designer

  • Tauri
  • Svelte
  • Mapshaper
  • Leaflet